Tuesday, April 5, 2011


WELCOME TO ALPINE IMAGING. (Formerly Agassiz) This blog was created for the purpose of announcing upcoming events, reporting, on past events, and describing the various photographic methods and undertakings of Agassiz Imaging. Photography is a journey where it's not the destination that is the key it's what you find on the way that is important. This is my journey, so there will be more than just the end result. There will be my life on the way.
ABOUT THE NAME Agassiz Imaging was coined from the most prominent peak seen from Flagstaff, on the San Francisco Peaks. Agassiz Peak, the second highest in Arizona sits, at 12,356 feet above sea level, can be seen as far away as 75 miles. The peak itself was named from naturalist, zoologist, and geologist Louis Agassiz, a Harvard professor (1807-1873). An ancient glacial lake in the Great Lakes area, Mount Agassiz in California's Palisades and Uinta Mountains, as well as the street a block from my house are also named after him. ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER From an early age, Wade has been interested in photography. His father owned a camera store in downtown Flagstaff during the 80s called the Camera Corral, found on the corner of San Francisco and Leroux streets. Wade's first SLR was a Fujica, but a short time later aquired a Pentax Program Plus with a 50mm, and 28mm primes, and two Access zooms. Since then he graduated from NAU with a Bachelors of Arts from the School of Performing Arts, and has been combining his love for the outdoors and travel with his enthusiasm for photography. From the Na Pali Coast to the High Sierras, from Puget Sound to Mexico, he has produced images that continue to inspire an appreciation for nature. His awards includes 3rd place in the Coconino County Fair for the Old North Church in Winter and acceptance in to the Pentax Photo Gallery. His current line up still includes the Pentax Program Plus 35mm SLR, Pentax K200D, and Pentax K5 DSLRs. Also in the mix are various primes, zooms and fisheyes, as well as a Canon S80.

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