Monday, August 1, 2011

Oak Creek Color

October 2008 marked a turning point in my photography. It was when I decided to buy a new DSLR. As a Pentax SLR user I had quite a few lenses already in my kit, just sitting there. Oak Creek Color 1 I did a bunch of research and for $500 I got a K200D that met all of my needs. The camera body was weather sealed, had in body shake reduction, mirror lock-up and a sensor that paralleled the current Canon 40D (at half the price). I could go on and on about the camera, not to mention the amazing durablitiy, but I will digress on a mile long rant. Oak Creek Color 2 On the way back from my Nephews birthday party I decided to stop through Sedona, and try to capture the last remaining fall color. I didn't have a tripod, but set the camera on a rock to give the small falls some longer shutter speeds. These are one of my first photos with the K200D.

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